When homeowner Liz moved into her new home in Evergrene, she knew she would want to make upgrades in her hurricane protection. To achieve this goal, she began with the debate with whether shutters or new impact-resistant windows and doors would be the right fit for her home. After identifying her overall goals for the project and meeting with Window & Door Replacement Company, it was clear new impact-resistant windows and doors was the right choice. 

Hurricane protection and sound reduction (due to her proximity to a rail line) were the two main concerns going into her home remodeling project. Impact resistant windows and doors offer these benefits, as well as intruder protection and possible energy cost reductions. It is for all these reasons the homeowner decided to move forward with replacing her windows and doors.

The next step was to decide on a window and door contractor. Our company came highly recommended, so she set up an appointment with our sales consultant Ro to begin discussing her project and the available options based on her overall goals.

The expertise of our sales consultant and our low-pressure sales environment led the homeowner to choose Window & Door Replacement Company to complete the project. On Ro’s recommendation, she went with CGI Sentinel series aluminum products with Low-E energy efficiency coatings on the glass.

CGI Sentinel series is an extremely strong impact-resistant product. The entire line meets Miami-Dade standards for impact resistance, which is known as one of the most stringent building codes in the country. The design pressures met by the product makes it ideal for single family home applications. These design pressures and the strength of the glass won’t just protect her home from hurricanes. This glass will prevent other types of damage like protection form intruders and other small projectiles like rocks flung from lawn mowers, falling tools or many other unforeseen accidents.

Other concerns for this project included noise reduction due to the home's proximity to the train, and the amount of light and heat some of the glass openings allowed in. This was especially true for the large sliding glass door opening off of the living room. Laminated glass, due to its very nature of being comprised of two individual pieces of glass and a vinyl inner layer, makes it extremely proficient in reducing noise. Tests put the noise reduction level anywhere from 70-80%.

The final consideration for this project was the regulations set by Evergrene’s Master Association. The sales consultant Ro found out any stipulations they had, for example muntin patterns, and ensured the new products would be compliant. Furthermore, he handled all the paperwork necessary in order to gain official approval from the Association.

The homeowner was thrilled with her product install. The install itself was top notch, and the in-home service standards helped to keep her home clean throughout the process. For this project, the homeowner opted for our complete finish work package, including shutter bolt removal, stucco repair, professional glass cleaning and association matched paint touch up, and it made the finished product polished and beautiful.

Her project manager Zeb helped to explain the entire process and ensure that she was always informed as to what was going on and that everything was completed to her satisfaction. This was achieved by our post-install walk through where Zeb goes opening by opening with the homeowner to ensure she was 100% satisfied with the final product and that everything was operable.

From start to finish, Window & Door Replacement Company made Liz feel comfortable and confident in the full replacement of her windows and doors. Our reputation preceded us and we came highly recommended in her community, and we were able to fully address every concern and want for the project with beautiful results. 

Products Used:

CGI Sentinel Replacement Windows

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PlastPro Replacement Windows and Entry Doors

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Single Hung Windows: 14

Fixed Windows: 11

Sliding Glass Doors: 1 4-panel OXXO

French Doors: 1

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