Entry Doors are often used to set the tone for a home’s overall aesthetic and add instant curb appeal. With so much emphasis on this opening, it is not surprising that entry door manufacturers offer seemingly endless customization options.

To make shopping for your entry door easier, we have created a glossary of common industry terms. 

Overall size and shape:

Single Door – One panel door

Double door – 2 panel doors, can have active/inactive or active/active

Transom – Fixed Window above a door; typically the same width as the door

Sidelite – Small window panel on one or both sides of the door(s), can be solid panel or glass

Door Functionality:

Active – This panel is operational

Inactive – This panel remains stationary

Design Options:

Solid panel – A door that has no glass inserts; a solid panel of the door material

Glass inserts – A part of the door that is glass, typically can be as much or as little of the door as desired

Muntins – Decorative bars either on the surface of, or between glass panels to create design patterns

Grilles – Scroll work made of metal, either aluminum or iron, that is placed over the door panel for decorative purposes

Fiberglass finish options:

Smooth Finish – smooth fiberglass shell

Woodgrain texture – Fiberglass shell option that simulates the knotting and texture of wood

Other terms:

Privacy Glass – Glass that is made obscure with colors, patterns, or a white interlayer

Dummy hardware – Inoperable hardware installed on an inactive panel for aesthetics only

Try these design options for your own home with the Plastpro ‘Doorability’ stylizer. Simply upload a photo of your home and begin stylizing. http://doorability.plastproinc.com/

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