After a year of meeting with industry experts, the Waterside Community decided to undergo a complete restoration of their homes.  The Board and POA did their due diligence and presented the residents a first-rate engineered plan to beautify and protect their homes.

After meeting with several contractors, researching leading window and door manufacturers, the Board chose CGI as the manufacturer and The Window & Door Replacement Company to provide their residents a turn-key solution that resulted in an exceptional experience for all.

A snippet of what was accomplished:

  • 1098 windows and doors installed
  • 232 of columns replaced
  • Foundation repair in 6 separate buildings
  • Resolved rot issues in all 12 buildings
  • Buildings water tested to prove new windows were installed to highest standard
  • All wooden openings strapped/re-strapped
  • Added additional water flow/moisture protection under each bay window
  • Stucco thickness improved over prior application (thin stucco is a large cause of water intrusion)
  • Added additional sets of roof gutters to enhance flow of water away from building foundation/windows
  • Rear railing system re-engineered
  • Painted all buildings
  • Metal roofs/chimney painted with specialized product
  • Window openings and remodeled structure complies with Florida Building codes

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Roldan Romero, Senior Project Manager


About the manufacturer:

CGI Windows & Doors

CGI Windows & Doors is the premier manufacturer of hurricane impact resistant windows and doors. Produced to the most exacting industry standards, CGI's high performance, high aesthetic product collections offer advanced hurricane protection of home and commercial structures in both new and existing construction. Whether your choice is aluminum or vinyl, in addition to using impact-resistant laminated glass and the finest hardware, CGI windows and doors exude strength and beauty – a function of CGI's workmanship, pride and engineering excellence.

Recognized by architects as a premier line of hurricane impact windows, CGI’s Estate Collection can be found in elegant homes, prestigious resorts, hotels, schools and office buildings. CGI’s Estate Collection combines best-in-class performance against hurricane force damage with architectural-grade quality, handcrafted details and superior engineering.

With Sentinel by CGI customers benefit from exceptional quality, craftsmanship, energy efficiency and durability at an affordable price. Sentinel’s complete line of windows are custom manufactured to enhance the aesthetics of your home while delivering protection from the most extreme coastal weather conditions. Whether considering hurricane impact-resistant windows for a home or business, the Sentinel Collection is the best of all worlds – aesthetically appealing, functionally proven and uniquely affordable.

Article of interest:  Q&A with Karla Carreiro, Broker Associate at Illustrated Properties:

Illustrated Properties

Will replacing the windows and sliding glass doors at Waterside really enhance our value?

Yes. A house purchase represents one of the biggest investments we can make. For most of us, the renovations we do not only improve the real estate’s value but enhance the home’s functional usability making it as comfortable and attractive as possible. Whenever a set of buildings start to age from weather related elements, regular maintenance, repairs and remodeling become essential to protect and keep the investment structurally/functionally sound. It is important to note, the first impression a prospective buyer has of your home’s exterior is always a major selling point. When the work is completed at Waterside, our buildings will look new and be pristine clean. There is a rising perception nationwide of the value of curb appeal and our prospective buyers will see that from not only the interior but exterior improvements Waterside has made.

What is the projected Waterside increase in value?

Current owners are using the “Weather Barrier” project as an opportunity to make interior improvements that have a positive effect on overall values in Waterside. The prediction is a 10% to 15% increase in value over the next 12 to 18 months.

What rate of return can I hope to see with my Harbor Home from the Waterside work being done?

It depends on how much a Waterside homeowner has already invested in their property in combination with what’s taking place in the market with prevailing values. For most of us, we should be able to recognize an increase in value as stated above. But as homeowners purchase our Harbor Homes, many have done high-quality, high-cost improvements to their units. For them, their home becomes one of enjoyment vs. recognizing the best financial gain from any improvement made. It is important to note that replacement jobs – such as door and window projects – generate a higher return than remodeling projects. Replacement projects show an average return of 73.2% reinforcing our “Weather Barrier” good investment at Waterside.

What added value will we see from doing all this work?

Plenty. When we started the project back in mid-July, homeowners were not only making decisions about which windows (Sentinel or Estate Series) impact resistant glass windows and doors to install but other improvements they wanted to make. Up to 10 different renovations at Waterside started many of which are complete restoration jobs. Homeowners are upgrading their air conditioning units, redoing kitchens, installing hardwood floors and/or new carpeting, renovating bathrooms, and opening up their patios to expand their footprint inside their units. This no doubt, will make Waterside a sought after area for its recently renovated construction and coveted water views along with the $15K renovation work done on each homeowner’s dock. Waterside provides a turn-key investment for any potential buyer.

What other tangible benefits will we see from replacing our windows and doors at Waterside?

The value-add of this project is extensive. As Waterside units are being worked on, they are becoming structurally void of previous rotted wood damage from weather elements and the age of the buildings. Every Waterside Harbor Home will benefit from an extensive exterior restoration. Extra layers of stucco are being reapplied to affected exterior areas to reduce water penetration. For a prospective buyer, new impact windows and doors is always a selling feature. Buyers will see the long-term benefits that come from CGI window/door transferrable ten-year warranties, additional Palm Beach Window and Door workmanship warranties, reduced homeowner insurance benefits along with a reduction in energy costs, to name a few.

Every Waterside Harbor Home is being painted which now includes the metal roofs. New gutters are being installed where necessary to redirect water. Irrigation work is being redone. Landscape is being replaced in many affected areas to improve the exterior’s curb appeal. The building’s paint and door colors were professionally recommended by Bandon Blue Designs to quietly blend with Waterside’s wide open elements. Additional boats are now being seen on the docks adding to “the Waterside” lifestyle. No doubt, buyers will see and benefit from all the work being done.

More important, prospective buyers will respond favorably to why the work was done. A homeowner or realtor who factually discloses upfront any building’s age-related issues makes buyers feel comfortable with the aspects of the home.And, a realtor, who can properly and accurately articulate this added value, benefits you if you decide to sell.

As a professional realtor with Illustrated Properties and a homeowner involved throughout the project’s inception, I’d be delighted to articulate the numerous value benefits. The investment being made at Waterside is a very positive story to tell.

Karla Carreiro, Broker Associate at Illustrated Properties
561 400-6414

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